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Ana Luca Creative Entrepreneur | Artist | Musician | Writer | Designer


Ana Luca™ is a multi-dimensional creative artist, businesswoman, and connection artist. As a visual, melodic, and poetic storyteller, she creates emotional experiences which entertain and empower audiences. 


Luca has spent decades refining her talents across art, music, and writing through both training and work experiences. She believes that we are each born with unique gifts. Our job is to discover, nurture, and share them back with the world to serve our highest purpose.


Ana Luca's fine art and poetry book can be found on her art gallery, Art by Ana Luca. Her music album, performances, and licensing examples can be found at Music by Ana Luca. Her hand-illustrated leisure clothing collection can be found at Laughs To Self ®. Her 160-piece hearts art collection can be found at Crypto Love Drops


Fun facts about Ana Luca™ //

  • 4th generation artist

  • made in Europe

  • published 5 books

  • speaks 3 languages

  • earned 4 university degrees

  • graduated valedictorian 

  • lived in 5 countries + traveled to many more

  • worked with iconic brands

  • served as global public speaker for non-profit organization

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Ana Luca™ is a European-American musician, composer, and songwriter. She composed, produced, and performed her debut album, Reprise, released December 2021. This electronic-classical album features her performances on violin, piano, and other instruments alongside her experience performing with orchestras. Reprise adapts classical music to modern audiences, offering familiar production elements and melodic storytelling to inspire listeners’ imaginations. In fact, she composed many of the songs to pair with her own imagined storylines.


Luca began her musical career as a classically trained violinist, pianist, and singer but eventually grew tired of playing centuries-old “covers” of classical music. Her interest in the cross-over genre of electronic-classical music was sparked by British classical artists like Vanessa Mae and BOND who were early pioneers in the space. Luca taught herself to compose and produce her own instrumental music in harmony with modern production elements. Today, she licenses her instrumental music to enhance the storylines of advertisements, TV, film, and other media. For licensing inquiries and additional artistic background, visit Music By Ana Luca.

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Ana Luca | Artist, Musician, Author, Businesswoman

Ana Luca™ is the author of the poetry book The People We Meet, published in 2021. This debut poetry collection features 180 poetic stories for transforming your relationship with yourself and with others.

Luca’s gift for storytelling stretches across poetry and songwriting, using words to help audiences process their life experiences and elevate their self-concept. Her poems empower audiences with confidence, gratitude, and courage to share their best selves with the world. They also heal and build readers’ self-esteems. This enables her readers to enjoy a higher quality of life and to better support their loved ones and communities.

She has also published a stunning hardcover coffee table book featuring 125 of her artworks and the stories behind each piece. This is an affordable means for art enthusiasts to own her entire art collection and support an independent artist.

Visit Books by Ana Luca to purchase The People We Meet and Art by Ana Luca Gallery Book, and browse poetry merchandise. Limited quantity available.

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Crypto Love Drops™ is a first-of-its-kind hearts art collection made with love and designed to be gifted. Each of the 160 heart-shaped artworks represents an investment of the heart and commitment to love yourself and others.

The buyer is encouraged to not only purchase a Crypto Love Drop art piece for their personal collection but also to gift to someone they care about. When you gift a Crypto Love Drop, you symbolically give a piece of your heart to that person. 

Our Crypto Love Drop community values love, kindness, and generosity. We are givers. We lead with our hearts. We believe in the power that love has to transform lives. And we strive to move the world toward greater unity through kindness.  

Read more about the art collection at

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Ana Luca | Artist, Musician, Author, Businesswoman

Ana Luca™ is a fine artist, illustrator, and published poet for the art gallery Art by Ana Luca ™. Luca's range of artistic styles span impressionist paintings, graffitied travel photography, and comedic illustrations - offering a variety of options to complement any home décor aesthetic.


She creates imaginative, playful, and moving artwork for inspired daily living. Ana Luca also employs a uniquely modern, eco-conscious approach to creating large canvas artwork using methods that reduce the use of toxic paints, wood canvas frames, and packaging materials for shipment – supporting environmental sustainability. Her innovative fine art is also collapsible for easy transport - something unheard of in the fine art world.


Ana Luca's body of work reflects the beauty, struggles, and humor of the human experience to comfort her audience that they are not alone. Her art helps people feel uplifted, youthful, and connected.


Browse Ana Luca’s stunning collection of 125+ limited edition art collector's pieces that will transform your home into a source of entertainment, creative inspiration, and personality expression while building your art investment portfolio. Don’t wait to invest in art. Invest in art and then wait.


Live inspired, feel energized, and experience the world through original art by Ana Luca.

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Ana Luca | Artist, Musician, Author, Businesswoman

Ana Luca™ creates art that's made to be worn, not just hung. Transforming handmade art into fashion enables her art to be accessible, interactive, and affordable for the general public. You can find her unique designs sold on Men's and Women's apparel at Art by Ana Luca ™ and fashion store Laughs To Self ™. 


Laughs To Self® is an online art gallery exclusively exhibiting comedic wearable art – reinventing how people think of, interact with, and appreciate art. We inspire smiles, creative expression, and conversations.


Our leisure clothing line was born from a desire to help people feel happy through laughter, to enable young adults to own handmade art by more affordable means, and to offer a creative fashion alternative to premium streetwear brands which promote logos rather than the personality of the wearer. When worn, our apparel often draws comments and interactions with new friends.


Visit our store to shop the most comfortable and unique hoodies, shirts, and sweatshirts. Wear your vibe, attract your tribe.

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