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Welcome to Connection Artist, the podcast for building better relationships by design. Love and human connection are fundamental needs for all of us. But how do we cultivate lasting, emotionally healthy, fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others? I’m your host, Ana Luca, and I invite you to join me in meeting everyday people with diverse backgrounds and ages who all have one thing in common: success in fostering meaningful connections. You’ll hear their heartwarming stories and practical advice for building lasting marriages, lifelong friendships, and self-love.


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In Season 1, we sit down with 10 couples, learn how they met, and hear the secrets behind how they’ve built lasting marriages. Their insights will inspire and enlighten you.


I also interview guests who’ve found and maintained warm, lasting friendships for decades and they’re sharing how they did it. And lastly, we can’t forget the importance of growing a loving relationship with yourself, so we discuss building self-love and confidence. 


I've brought together a fantastic lineup of 30 guests for you to meet who’ll share their unique stories and invaluable communication and relationship advice.


Together, we’re learning the secrets to building more meaningful, fulfilling relationships, one conversation at a time.


I'm Ana Luca and I invite you to join me in becoming a Connection Artist.



If you'd like to potentially be featured on a future episode, email me. Follow me on Instagram & TikTok @analucaofficial

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