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"As an artist, I turn hardships into beauty so that people can find gratitude for their past and hope for their future." –Ana Luca

Ana Luca is an author, podcast host, visual artist, and music composer. She is the creator of the heart-themed art collection Crypto Love Drops, online art gallery Art By Ana Luca, and hand-illustrated clothing line Laughs To Self.  She is also the podcast host of Connections Artist, conducting guest interviews to discuss how to create better relationships by design. She offers people creative means to express their love, feel supported, and create stronger human connections using art an dmeaningful conversations. 


As an artist of over 20+ years, Luca has used art to uplift and transform lives. Her artwork has been exhibited across America. She has won art awards, been sought after as an art teacher, and illustrates for a streetwear apparel brand. As a well-rounded creative, she has performed on music stages, in commercials, and on public speaking stages for Best Buy, General Motors, IBM, and Target. She is also a published author of the poetry book, “The People We Meet” and music composer of the instrumental album “Reprise”.


Luca’s artwork has already attracted high-profile viewers ranging from television hosts on “The Masked Singer” to reality TV stars from shows such as “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. With an abundance of creativity that shows no sign of slowing down, this is only the beginning for this artist on the rise. Follow her work on Instagram @analucaofficial  and  @artbyanaluca.

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