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I help businesses unlock the leadership potential within their teams by fostering a culture of self-empowered leadership, enabling employees to be proactive in driving positive change. 



Hello! I'm Ana Luca.

Ana Luca is an author and award-winning international speaker who has presented to companies such as General Motors, IBM, Target, Rotary International, Ogilvy, and even the Prime Minister of Canada. Despite her leadership confidence for most of her life, her self-belief eroded after entering the corporate world, where more senior leaders in hierarchical structures silenced her voice, dismissed her ideas, and limited her leadership growth. She reclaimed her leadership power and redefined her worth beyond job titles and pay grades by giving herself the authority to lead her own creative endeavors. This experience ignited a passion for empowering individuals to overcome self-doubt and embrace their innate leadership abilities. Now, as a leadership development speaker, Ana shares her insights to inspire others to give themselves permission to lead confidently and apply leading character to help others..

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Speaker Reel

Short speech intro for "The Leader Within: Giving Yourself Permission to Lead with Confidence"

Stop waiting for permission to lead. Create a culture of proactive, self-empowered leaders.

In corporations, individuals may feel hindered by hierarchical structures and doubt their leadership abilities. They may struggle to assert themselves effectively, waiting for permission or validation to lead. This can lead to lack of initiative, innovation, or organizational growth. Leadership insecurity can also produce uncertainty in decision-making, delegation, and navigating challenges.

Hello, I'm Ana Luca. I speak about helping employees at all levels lead with conviction and courage so they can assert their authority and break free from the constraints of waiting for permission to lead. After hearing my speech, audiences will embrace their leadership potential, foster a culture of self-empowered leadership, feel confident in their abilities to drive positive change, and contribute meaningfully to organizational success. They will think differently about their roles as leaders and embrace the five key characteristics necessary to guide teams toward success.

After attending Ana’s talk, individuals will:


  • Feel unshakable self-assurance by sourcing their confidence from their character and life triumphs

  • Embrace courage, conviction, and resilience to inspire others into action

  • Understand that true leadership originates from character, not title or given authority

  • Grant themselves permission to lead

  • Reclaim ownership of their professional narrative and self-identity

  • Feel inspired to apply their unique gifts to create a fulfilling, purpose-driven life

This talk is perfect for:


  • Businesses seeking to build self-directed, self-empowered teams to drive innovation and growth

  • Newly promoted executives navigating self-doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Early career professionals wanting to establish deeper self-trust and identity

  • Women seeking to cultivate greater self-belief and resilience 

  • HR professionals committed to fostering inclusive hiring and promotion strategies that recognize the multifaceted nature of leadership


Transform Your Leadership Attachment Style to Grow Emotionally Healthy Workplace Relationships


Master Emotional Awareness in the Workplace for Team Success

Master emotional awareness for leadership success, and transform your leadership attachment style to grow emotionally healthy workplace relationships. Are you facing challenges motivating your team, dealing with frustrating bosses or coworkers, or advancing your career? The underlying cause of these issues is often a need for more emotional awareness and security in leadership.

When leaders do not understand the emotional complexities of their employees, supervisors, and themselves, they experience difficulties managing work relationships, driving people toward desired outcomes, and building fulfilling workplaces. Neglecting the emotional needs of clients or coworkers can negatively impact revenue growth, talent retention, and personal advancement.

In Lead Fearless, Ana Luca introduces attachment theory for the workplace, a psychology-based model that can transform your work culture, organizational effectiveness, and career by developing emotionally healthy leadership.

With actionable self-development strategies and workplace psychology education, Lead Fearless offers people managers a proven approach to achieving better work relationships, higher-performing teams, and faster promotion. You will learn to identify and transform your leadership attachment style, enhance your influence, and build a more collaborative, happy team.

Join the millions worldwide who have transformed their personal and professional lives by developing secure attachment styles. Lead Fearless is a must-read book if you are ready to elevate your workplace well-being, step up your business, and lead fearlessly. Start applying attachment theory to revolutionize your leadership and workplace success.


The 15-Minute Daily Guided Journal for a Confident Mindset 

Millions of people struggle with self-doubt, low confidence, depression, anxiety, negative self-talk, and insecurities that keep them from realizing their dreams and happiness. 

“Yes I Can: The 15-Minute Daily Guided Journal for a Confident Mindset” offers a unique, intelligently designed framework of short self-reflection prompts and inspiring affirmations rooted in the psychology of attachment theory. Using proven tactics for establishing secure attachment—scientifically linked to high confidence and interpersonal success— this unique journal can transform your thinking and life within 30 days. 

This self-improvement journal is designed for busy professionals to seamlessly fit mental health into their daily schedules. Developing a stronger self-esteem and positive mindset has never been easier by dedicating just 15 minutes daily to answering a few quick writing prompts.



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